Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Well, I know I have been absent from the blogging world lately, but I have been concentrating on report cards, and spending extra time with my husband and dog, Della. Sometimes we just need a break to recharge our batteries! I am back and so excited to check out everyone's blogs to see what you all have been up to. 

I have been thinking of all things green the last few days in preparation for St. Patrick's Day. Next week the Sneaky Leprechaun will make several visits to our classroom to cause havoc and chaos. My firsties will be so perplexed and surprised to find chairs over turned, papers on the floor, and general disarray in our normally neat classroom. I have planned a Sneaky Leprechaun Treasure Hunt that my firsties will undoubtedly LOVE! Using the clues left behind by the little green man, my grade one friends will follow the hints to find all the gold coins. Once all the gold coins have been found the spell of the Sneaky Leprechaun will be broken! 

I would love to share my Sneaky Leprechaun Poem with you, as well as the clues to the Treasure Hunt. My rhyming abilities are limited, so please try not to laugh too hard...Some of the clues are specific to my classroom, but perhaps they will spark inspiration for your own classroom visit by the Sneaky Leprechaun!  

I plan to print the clues onto green cardstock. The font I used in the FREEBIES is so cool and called Wish I was taller. I purchased gold coins similar to these at our local dollar store! The kiddies will love the shiny tokens, and so cheap!
Besides a visit by the Sneaky Leprechaun, below are a few ideas that I have planned for the day! 
Thoughtfully Simple

First Grade Parade

Enjoy the FREEBIE! Thanks for visiting!