Monday, 26 September 2011


As the students and I settle into the daily reading and writing routines of Grade 1, I find that students are often motivated by fun, engaging games. Whether you utilize them during Word Work time, Literacy Centres, or simply as they complete their work, word games can prove to be a great educational tool to improving basic sight words. I have introduced the Rock, Paper, Scissors Game to my firsties and they absolutely love it. The premise of the game is one that most, if not all, students will be familiar with, so it requires very little direct teaching. It can also be easily differentiated for the learning levels of all students by increasing or decreasing the difficulty of words, or even adding additional words for those students who like a challenge. 

I can't take credit for this particular word game, as it was passed along to me through a teacher friend, Ms. K. May, who teaches slightly older students. I modified her version to fit the needs of my firsties. 

Who says learning can't be fun?  


meadowt said...

This is a great game. I am going to modify it next week and use it for vocabulary words. The winner will move his/her counter to the next vocab word and tell the definition.

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