Wednesday, 28 September 2011


With our daily and weekly writing routines in place, it is nice to have a special writing activity that gets my firsties actually excited about writing. One way I have done this is the introduction of a Grade One Memory Book. There are so many special activities that take place throughout the year, it is nice to have a writing log to document all of them. Whether the event is a classroom party, a field trip, or a guest visitor, the students can write about their thoughts and personal experiences and have them kept in a duotang, where new writing sheets can be added as events take place. The Memory Book becomes a special keepsake in June, for both parents and the students, when they can look back at all the wonderful things that have taken place throughout the year, and also see the cumulative growth in their writing. I have included a Memory Book title page, and an example of a Halloween sheet for you to download. Happy Writing!

Memory Book Cover Page


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