Tuesday, 8 November 2011


So, with Remembrance Day only a few days away, it occurred to me today that Christmas is just around the corner! Agghhh! So much to do! I can't believe in less than a month, we will be preparing for the Winter Concert, Letters to Santa, and the holidays!

We have been working feverishly over the last week, writing, reading, and talking about what Peace means to us. To create meaning for my firsties, I framed the concept of Peace around our current Science unit, 'The Senses'. We brainstormed what peace 'Looks Like, Sounds Like, Feels Like, Tastes Like, and Smells Like'. Their ideas were so precious and well thought out! It was a great way to talk about the Senses in an abstract way. I have included the writing sheet that my students used to record their thoughts about Peace. Have a Peaceful day!
5 Senses Peace


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