Friday, 6 January 2012


Well, here I sit, with only 2 days of holidays left before I head back to work. I am already having heart palpitations! As much as I enjoy my firsties and all the fun things we do in the classroom, I have REALLY loved being at home. 

The thought of returning to school forced me to spend some time on the computer over the last couple of days and do some serious searching for winter and snowman themed activities. My first visit was to The Inspired Apple where I just HAD to purchase Abby's 'A Snowman Celebration!'. It is a comprehensive package that includes mathematics, writing, and craftivities. If you are planning on focusing on a snowman theme, this is a must-have!
Teachers Pay Teachers

Below is a compilation of various snowman inspired activities that I have found in my blog browsing. I would love to try and complete all of them throughout the month of January. Ambitious, I know!

Shaving Cream Snowman Art
Found at Oopsey Daisy 
I haven't tried it yet, but apparently the glue and shaving cream mixture stays 'puffy', so it actually creates a 3D effect. 

Joanna Davis from We Heart Art had her students complete 'aerial' perspective 'Melting Snowman Art', which is a nice change from traditional snowman shape art!


For those who would like to try a more complex snowman art project, I came across the art filled blog Art Projects For Kids by Kathy Barbro. Students design and draw a simple snowman picture on black construction paper with wet glue. Allow the glue to dry and colour with either chalk or oil pastels. So beautiful! 

Deanna Jump, the creative force behind the blog Mrs. Jump's Class originally posted about her adorable 'Snow Globe' writing and art activity. It is so precious, I can't wait to do it with my firsties!  

When I was looking for a book to introduce the snow globe activity, I came across this picture book by author Jane O'Connor. I couldn't help myself, I had to order it!
If you are looking for additional curricular related snowman activities, check out out the 'Snowman Counting By 2's' activity page offered as a freebie by the SUPER creative teacher at Doodle Bugs Teaching. She has some fantastic ideas and products on her blog!
A final food celebration idea I might tackle towards the end of our snowman themed month are the 'Snowmen Mini Donuts' found at Creative Gift & Party Ideas.  They look so cute and yummy!
 I hope you find all these snowmen themed activities as inspiring as I do. It almost makes me feel ready to return to work. Almost.

Have a great, relaxing weekend!


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