Monday, 23 January 2012


Well the weather has finally warmed up a bit here in wintery Winnipeg. After having indoor recess for 2 straight weeks...yes 2 straight they were able to climb into their snow pants and zipper up their winter jackets and head outside. I was doing 'double-time' tying scarves and making sure everyone was bundled up. But it was nice to have a few minutes to myself in a quiet room!

We have been so busy in the classroom doing winter and snowman activities. It has been wonderful and my firsties are enjoying it so much. But, if any of you are experiencing the January blues, I have a wonderful art and writing activity for February that will be sure to inspire love, friendship, acceptance, as well as the importance of multiculturalism in your classroom. Using the extraordinary book, The Colors of Us, by Karen Katz as a springboard, students are introduced to and celebrate the colors of their skin. Katz takes readers on a tasty journey comparing various skin tones to delicious and delectable treats, such as creamy peanut butter, honey, butterscotch, and chocolate cupcakes. My school is extremely ethnically diverse, so this book is a wonderful way to celebrate the way we look and where we come from. After reading the picture book, my firsties trace their hands and using either Crayola's Multicultural Crayons, or black, red, white, and yellow paint (as described in the book), they attempt to blend colours to match their own skin tone. As a class we brainstorm other delicious foods that are close to our own skin tones and they write about it. They are so creative! It makes your heart smile (and laugh) at some of the food comparisons they come up with! 


I know that Valentine's Day and 100 Day are just around the corner for many of us, but I thought this activity might inspire love and kindness in your classroom. And we could always use a bit more love, right?



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