Saturday, 17 December 2011


With Christmas just days away, I was forced to brave the stores today, in an attempt to finish my shopping list. As organized as I am (or try to be!) in the classroom, why is it, that I am so disorganized with my Christmas shopping? Yes...I am one of those people who is trying to put together the last minute holiday touches and finish off my shopping with mere days until Santa shimmies down the chimney. I wish I could be more organized around the holidays! 

There are 4 days of school left before we break for the holidays and I have been contemplating a gift for my firsties. I always purchase something special for my firsties to take home before the holidays, but this year I decided I wanted to 'make' a gift for them. There are lots of monogrammed holiday gift ideas on the internet, such as ornaments and stockings, but many of them can be pricey to buy or make. This is my inexpensive version of a monogrammed holiday ornament that I plan to gift to my students. The box of jeweled coloured ornaments were on sale at Walmart and I purchased the rhinestone stickers at Michael's Craft Store, but I did see similar ones at a local dollar store.

 Monogrammed Christmas Ornaments

As always, I apologize for my photography skills, or lack there of! Let me know what you think of the ornaments and what you plan of gifting to your students. I would love to see everyone's holiday creativity!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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