Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Are your pants feeling a bit tighter from all the Valentine chocolate, candy, gummies, potato chips, flavoured popcorn, and cupcakes over the last 24 hours? Mine are! The grade one party was a huge success, and of course I had a sampling of all the fore mentioned, although I tried so H-A-R-D to limit my tasting to a "sampling". 

So now that my firsties and I have come down from our Valentine induced sugar high, I am heading out of the building for the next 2 days for a Professional Development workshop, as well as a personal day on Friday. Building on the idea presented by the wonderful and talented Cara at The First Grade Parade, I left the book Miss Nelson Is Missing! for my substitute teacher to read. The picture book, written by Harry Allard, is a childhood favourite of mine, and is about the mystery surrounding a missing teacher, Miss Nelson.