Monday, 31 October 2011


Well, Halloween is finally here...What a whirlwind! Today was a fun, but exhausting day! The costumes were wonderful and everyone had so much fun. Now I get to enjoy seeing all the cutest 'lions', 'monkeys', and 'zebras' come to my door step! Oh my goodness they are all so precious!

Here are a few Halloween pictures of the washing machine costume I wore to school today. While it was extremely cheap (less than $20), and not too difficult to assemble, it did take some time and preparation. I loved how it turned out, and the kids' expression was priceless! I also took a picture of the 'M' monogram pumpkin that I carved. After getting over my cold this weekend, one pumpkin was unfortunately all I could manage. The idea for the pumpkin came from Martha Stewart, and the font I used was Lucidia Calligraphy. 

I have to admit that I am not looking forward to tomorrow in the classroom. The little ones are going to be so tired and coming down from their sugar rush! I hope everyone's day goes well tomorrow!


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